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Entry #10

I suck.

2010-05-29 23:47:28 by koolest666

I will be working on some good art with my mouse untill I get my tablet.


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2010-06-20 21:31:04

No shit, you suck.


2010-08-22 23:09:49

you should practice using pen and paper... not a mouse....

koolest666 responds:

I do use a pen and paper, I just don't have a scanner.


2011-02-21 04:28:20

A tablet wont make you a better artist and it wont make it easier to pratice to become one. If you are not good at drawing with a pen and paper, then you wont be any better at using a tablet.

And if you don't have a scanner, I advice you to read this: t/314936