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I suck.

2010-05-29 23:47:28 by koolest666

I will be working on some good art with my mouse untill I get my tablet.

I have been drawing more.

2010-05-29 18:15:05 by koolest666

I am getting more familiar with Photoshop. I am aware that I still suck. I am getting better at it though. Here's one I did, all Airbrushed.

I have been drawing more.


2010-05-27 15:05:51 by koolest666

Woo-hoo!!! I finally made my Voice Acting Demo!!!!


2010-05-27 03:13:29 by koolest666

You heard it right, foo! I has a CATCH PHRASE?! WTF?! Are you prepared for tha uber epicness? DUN DUN DUN duuuunnn.... Ish. That is my new-ish catch phrase. Oh! Just a random thing I noticed today. Mr. [Krabs] lives [in Bikini Bottom with Sandy Cheeks]!!! Ha, don't you just love Spongebob?!

I have become addicted!!!

2010-05-27 02:43:38 by koolest666

No silly, not to meth again... I am addicted to trying to make either a decent flash, picture, or voice acting demo. Well, I suck at flash, so I guess I won't work on that. I suck at drawing with a crappy ass mouse, so that is out of da pictah. I guess I should work on the voice acting demo? Well, the thing is that I don't have the time, but since summer break is in about two days I may start working on it then. Jeez, that was tiring typing that. I think I will stop now... But I guess I became addicted to this too. Well, I am off to do meth, I mean, uh, work on, uh, that thing over THERE! Bai!!!


2010-05-26 00:39:09 by koolest666

I entered the Girlchan In Paradise Contest!!! I think I did a decent job for about ten minutes and using a crappy 1x2 in mouse. LOL! The character I created is called Diagonal Glasses! I hope you guys like it!


Finally Got Photoshop!!

2010-05-20 22:28:58 by koolest666

I have been using Gimp, and was not satisfied! I have been begging my parents to get me Photoshop for about three months, finally the got it for me. It is annoying, though. Because I do the drawing with a mouse, I might get a tablet in a few months. Here is something I made.

Finally Got Photoshop!!

My animation was blammed

2010-05-19 23:26:27 by koolest666

I guess it is okay, it was crap anyways...

I made an animation.

2010-05-19 22:50:19 by koolest666

I made an animation, it is experimental. I made it in about ten minutes. I think it is crappy, but yeah. I tried. I don't know how to make it stop playing, if anyone is reading this and knows how to make it stop I would appreciate the help. PM me, or email me.

I made an animation.

I have been trying for maybe two weeks and it is very hard with just a mouse, and everything looks like crap. If anyone is reading this and needs some voice acting I can help.